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You may have often come across many cookie-cutter websites that rely on available templates, “found codes” and plugins, and look all the same. But when you decide to get your website designed, you would surely want it to be special and stand apart from the crowd. And that’s where custom website design comes into the picture. By understanding your unique business needs and developing a website tailor-made to fit your brand, business, or product, custom website design makes sure your website gets noticed and has a competitive edge over cookie-cutter websites.

So, if you need a website uniquely tailored to meet your business goals and serve your target audience, you have come to the right place. At J2TMedia Web Solutions, we offer you the ideal blend of innovation, creativity, and technology while designing custom websites that come with a unique touch suited to your business persona and helps you stand miles ahead of the ordinary.


Color Palette

The color palette plays a significant role in branding. Since colors are capable of forging subconscious associations with diverse characteristics and stir emotions in your website visitors, choosing the ones that suit your brand and business is essential. Ideally, the visual aesthetics of your website should complement your business persona.

Consistent Design

You must ensure consistency in the design elements – from the visuals, typography, and colors to layouts and more. Such consistency will showcase an undeviating image of your website and help define your brand’s persona.

Content That Encourages Customers to Act

Get content tailor-made to suit your business persona and business goals that engage your visitors and encourage them to take the desired actions (which could be downloading an e-book, signing up for the newsletter etc). The key is to make the content crisp, targeted, and well-suited to meet your unique business needs.


With custom website design, you can ensure that your website is unique and different from others. At the same time, since it would align well with your business persona and business goals, your website visitors will soon starting identifying your website with your brand, which would help your branding and marketing efforts. Instead of being at the mercy of someone else’s code, custom website design comes with custom coding, which means you will get a cleaner code that empowers you with stronger control over how the final code structure will look and work.

Additionally, it will be SEO-ready and ensure that your website has a responsive design. Thus, you can enjoy better SEO rankings and thus, grab more eyeballs, attention, and drive more web traffic. This, in turn, would bring better lead generation your way that drives added conversions and boosts your sales. So, take the first step toward getting a custom website designed by entrusting the job to us at J2TMedia Web Solutions.


Simple Navigation

For your website users, the navigation should be seamless – right from the start to the end. Unless you work with highly experienced web designers, who understand the entire process thoroughly and are capable of executing the task to meet your business goals, you won’t be able to ensure simple and robust navigation for your website.

Make it Unique

Your website should highlight the unique aspects of your business or brand. From an easy-to-remember domain name and custom functionality to special features exclusive to your brand, you need to make your website memorable and appealing so that it strikes the right chord with your target audience and paves way for high levels of user engagement.

Provide a clear value proposition

Your website visitors will try to evaluate if your site suits their purpose or meets their needs. They will seek to know if you offer something interesting. All these questions need to be answered by your web design elements. It’s best to prominently display a clear and concise value proposition that explains the precise benefits of your business for the visitors.

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