Are you planning to step into the e-learning experience provider landscape? If yes, you’re surely looking for an LMS to create a robust online educational experience and when it comes to choosing a trusted LMS, you should look no further than LearnDash. It’s an extremely popular, premium WordPress plugin having outstanding features that would let you offer online learning either as a complete online learning platform or as part of your main offerings. This fully-featured LMS plugin comes packed with everything you need to develop online courses and host them on your WordPress website. All you need to do is integrate LearnDash with your WordPress theme, create online courses, sell them, and you can start making money.

Why LearnDash?

You get immense benefits with LearnDash WordPress plugin, along with responsive support. The one-stop destination of all your learning and teaching needs makes it easy to create and sell lessons and courses in unlimited numbers. Other programs like quizzers and competitions can also be run on LearnDash WordPress plugin, and you can also award the certificates instantaneously. The software had good accessibility with the new gadgets and smart devices as well, and you can easily access and review your course through your tablets and smartphones. Your learners and users can join the classes through these handheld devices as well and will always be ready to learn, even when they are on the go.

LearnDash WordPress plugin also has the fantastic and new features through which you can customize your business website with a theme you like. You can now schedule your classes and lessons for specific time and dates, upload the videos and the e-learning files and also customize your content in many other ways. It will help to make it appear competent and in line with your aspirations.

Essential Features of LearnDash

LearnDash WordPress plugin has features to overcome and beat all your hassles. You can now swiftly create and sell courses, post quizzes, and award certificates. You can manage your users, download reports, and do many other things to be a favorite education and leaning destination. You can also get more familiar with the latest in online education and the e-learning trends and create the most robust learning sessions and experiences.

Sell Your Best Courses

All you need to sell a course at LearnDash WordPress plugin is to set its price and choose a pricing model. Now you are ready to publish and make money.

Drip-Feed Content

The feature helps you deliver content following a predefined schedule and timing.

Reward the Learners of Your Course

LearnDash helps you quickly and swiftly reward your learners through the certificates, badges, and points, which provides constant motivation to them.

Boost User Engagement

Deploy engagement triggers based on specific actions taken by the learners. It’s possible to choose from a significant number of different triggers like when someone – enrolls in a course, uploads an assignment, completes a lesson, etc.

A One-Time Purchase

All you need to do is to set the price for your course, and leaners and users across the world can purchase it through payment systems, including Stripe, PayPal, and 2Checkout, among others.

Easy Subscription Management

The LearnDash learning system gives you ample flexibility for collecting payments. You can maximize your revenues, through the subscription or the recurring models or can charge a “one-time” fee.

Add Shopping Cart

You can also have your digital shopping cart for the courses you created, and the WordPress plugins for integrating the shopping cart with LearnDash and educational websites are free.

Create and Sell the Course Bundles

The courses may be complicated to varying degrees and may require structuring in the form of bundles. With the LearnDash system, you can create a course bundle in a few clicks only. Therefore, when a user makes a “bundle” purchase, he/she is automatically enrolled in all the different courses of the bundle. You can also compile the course bundle, add discounts to their price, and achieve massive sales.

Convenient Communication Through Email Notifications

The Admin can easily communicate with all the users and disperse valuable information in a scheduled way through the email notifications. It is also an effective way of marketing and advertising.

Detailed and Effective Reporting

LearnDash captures the different details effectively to present to you timely and informative reports on all subject areas you care about.

Intuitive User Profiles

LearnDash offers a range of information and inclusions in the user profiles. Users can easily access their profile and know about their progress, performance in tests and quizzes, and can also get their certificates printed. The Admin also gets convenient features to manage the users in the least of time competently.

Management of Assignments

Assignments may be a crucial part of your learning process. LearnDash helps you create and distribute assignments in an effective way at the different levels of your course (including the “lesson” or the “topic” level).

Controlling Access

LearnDash allows you to control the access of different users. Users can have access to a course for a definite period or indefinitely.

Integration of Other Software and Programs (SCORM Compliant)

Want to leverage the benefits of using advanced programs like iSpring, H5P, Adobe Captivate, or Articulate Storyline? Simply use third-party add-ons for LearnDash to make it happen.

LearnDash is widely used by leading major universities, educational institutions, training organizations, large enterprises together with a huge number of individual instructors and smaller websites for developing and selling e-learning courses.

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