Email marketing campaigns gives you the best results when they are managed by experts in a well-planned manner. If you lack the time, resources, expertise or manpower to handle your email marketing needs, let us do it for you.

Trust the pros of J2TMedia Web Solutions

Keep your email marketing campaigns on track with experts of J2TMedia Web Solutions who are ready to help you at every step. Partnering with us would mean significant savings in terms of money, effort and resources, while freeing up your time that you can use to focus on core business issues. In some cases, working with us can even help you save the cost of hiring an employee to meet your email marketing needs.




  • J2TMedia Web Solutions designs customized email marketing templates that match the tone and message of your website and other marketing materials while being tech-savvy and having eye-catching elements to grab attention of your target audience.
  • Why trust our professionals? For effective email marketing templates, you need an experienced designer who can match these to your brand’s overall look and feel together with an HTML coder adept in transforming this design into codes that can be easily delivered via emails. With J2tmedia Web Solutions, you’ll get professional designers and coders who can design custom email marketing templates just the way your needs business needs them to be. Thus, with us, you can save time, money and effort while boosting your ROI.
  • Email Creation- Once you share your content and images, our team will do the rest.


We handle your opt-in and opt-out processes, together with ensuring that your mailing lists don’t have redundant email ids.

  • Mailing Setup and Deployment – We keep you updated at every step of the way, sending you proofs, making changes where necessary, and sending the approved mails. When you set up email through J2TMedia Web Solutions, you can benefit from the following features:
  • HTML email marketing newsletters with text, HTML and mobile versions.
  • User-friendly email marketing templates that need no HTML expertise.
  • A “microsite” as a companion that employs a multi-layer webpage and user-friendly navigation.
  • Mobile and social integration to let your subscribers read and share your content, irrespective of the device or mode they be using to access such content.
  • Dynamic customization to make your content specifically suit your individual subscribers.
  • Detailed analytics and email marketing reports to give you valuable insight into the behavior of your subscribers.
  • Use of custom API integration for email automation.
  • Campaign Creation and Setup –Automated and transactional campaigns.


This includes creating special designs and content writing.

  • Email Strategy- Whether you want to create an email marketing campaign from ground up or give your existing one a makeover, J2TMedia Web Solutions Strategic Services team can help you plan and act on a comprehensive email marketing strategy that meets (and sometimes even exceeds) your desired goals.
  • Creative Emails- J2TMedia Web Solutions team of email marketing professionals can design attractive email marketing templates, make your message copy effective by writing it, and create targeted content aimed to maximize your brand’s exposure and improve your bottom line.
  • Email Deliverability- The fundamentals of email marketing success depends on successful delivery of your emails into your subscribers’ inboxes. With the email deliverability experts of J2tmedia Web Solutions, you can rest assured of delivery rates that are one of the highest in the email marketing industry.


  • Get to know how your subscribers are warming up to your email marketing campaigns with J2TMedia Web Solutions sophisticated detailed data, email reporting and analytics.
  • Delivery Statistics: Displaying the number of your emails being delivered successfully.
  • Response Statistics: A detailed break-up of each key action (clicks, opens, conversions, and more).
  • Total Activity Statistics: Collation of all data collected from the microsite and email marketing newsletter, which would let you have a better understanding of your customers’/subscribers’ behavior and form email marketing campaign benchmarks. This knowledge would also help you in planning and executing a new email marketing campaign.


Hiring our managed services would give you a Dedicated Account Manager. This professional would invest time to know your business, its vision and goals, your business processes and other necessary factors to analyze your needs and plan your customized email marketing campaign accordingly. With quick, efficient quality work at a competitive price, you can rest easy as our managed services team and your dedicated Account Manager handles all aspects of your email marketing campaigns.


Our team  at J2TMedia Web Solutions has an extensive experience of working on some of the leading email marketing services like MailChimp, AWeber, GetResponce, Constant Contact, iContact, Campaigner and Zoho Campaigns.




With J2TMedia Web Solutions as their partner, companies and non-profit organization of all sizes can reach out to and communicate with their customers effectively, establish relationships, ensure retention, and build credibility through content pushed via email, mobile and social media platforms. To get more information, email us at